Creating customers manually

Adding customers directly in your Billsby account

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The easiest way to add customers to your Billsby account is to have them sign up themselves using the Billsby Checkout. Sometimes, however, you might want to add a customer manually in the Billsby app. You can add a customer very easily with or without payment details, but you won't be able to add a subscription to their account until you have valid payment details on file for them.

Adding a customer without a subscription

To add a new customer without a subscription, navigate to the Customers page and select the Add a new customer button in the top right hand menu.

This will open a side modal where you'll need to enter the customer's basic details - name, email and billing address - and then choose whether you want to enter their payment details manually or to send the customer an email with a request to update their payment details themselves.

You can still add a new customer without providing payment details, but we would recommend always attempting to add payment details at this stage, otherwise you won't be able to add a subscription to the customer's account until you have them.

Creating test customers in a pre-live account

When your account is pre-live and you're creating a test customer, you just need to select Manually input payment details and this will auto-fill the test card details, so all you need to do is click on Create customer. This allows you to test the customer with a card on file.

Adding a customer with a subscription

Once you're live, you're able to add your plans to customer profiles in the forms of subscriptions. You will first need to make sure the customer profile is fleshed out, and you have collected the card information. Once that information is collected, head to the customer's profile and the first thing you should see here is the "Subscriptions" tab, with a button saying "Add a subscription".

Click this button, and this will bring up a pop-up modal that looks exactly like what a customer would see if they were signing up themselves in a checkout, in this modal you would select the product and the plan for this customer, and then confirm the selection. This will then add a subscription to the customer, and start charging them on the recurring plan!

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