Customers with multiple subscriptions

How does it work for customers with more than one subscription.

Updated over a week ago

With Billsby, each customer is associated with just one subscription. If your business requires your customers to have the ability to sign up to more than one plan, they're able to do this using exactly the same details (email, payment details, etc.) but this will show in Billsby as a separate customer account.

So, if you offer two separate products, and you want to let your customers sign up to both, this is absolutely possible. For any customers who do sign up for both, you'll see two separate accounts for them in Billsby. Customers can have unlimited accounts with the same email.

If you allow your customer to manage their own subscriptions using the account management modal, when they provide their email to login, instead of receiving one passcode they'll receive one for every account they hold.

They'll then be able to login to whichever account they would like to manage using the passcode provided.



We require payment details to be given for each account. This means that for every plan that they subscribe to, they'll need to enter their payment details or you'll need to do this for them.

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